Swedish Characters

Unicode Keyboard
Unicode Keyboard is designed to type all other Unicode characters such as Greek, Cyrillic, Hebrew, Arabic, Chinese...
...accented and Unicode characters in all ...Dutch, German, Danish, Swedish, Norwegian, Finnish, Faroese...
Dag Kihlman
Wordbase Greek is a flexible program mainly focused on Ancient Greek and New Testament Greek. However it is easy to use...
...There is also a Swedish-Greek dictionary and frequency ...Greek and Latin characters. Some word lists...
Flazzle is a program that makes it simple to input, learn, or look up words and characters in a language, including English...
...characters from a-Z). A character palette allows easy searching of characters ...Swedish and Turkish.
Type International Characters
Type International Characters is a useful taskbar icon that allows quick access to hard-to-find...
...to international characters from these ...Slovenian, Sorbian, Spanish, Swedish, Turkish, Welsh...
Microsoft Finnish Multilingual Keyboard for Evaluation
The new Finnish Multilingual keyboard extends the capabilities of the current Finnish standard keyboard...
...languages including Finnish, Swedish, Northern Sámi ...languages with Latin characters. The most...
Lexibar Swedish
Lexibar Swedish gives rapid access to Swedish special characters not available...
...rapid access to Swedish special characters not available on ...on the special characters to insert them...
LangPad - Insert foreign language characters, math, currency, and literary symbols into your WordPad and Notepad text...
...to insert foreign language characters with diacrits, math ...Portuguese, Spanish, and Swedish).
BibleMax Swedish Bible
This free BibleMax module features a Swedish version of the Bible, presumably the 1917 translation. Since it is a Protestant...
Swedish is a Germanic language that ...This BibleMax module features a Swedish translation of the Bible...
Krater - Collector's Edition
Fatshark AB
Krater brings you far into the future of a post-apocalyptic Sweden. Once home to IKEA, Vikings and Minecraft...
...of the fallen Swedish civilization. You ...system. - Uniquely Persistent Characters - evolve your team...
Excel Convert Files From English To Swedish and Swedish To English Software
Convert MS Excel files from English to Swedish and vice versa.
...files from English to Swedish and Swedish to English. The...
Foreign Characters
Gives computer users quick and easy access to the accented letters of the 14 Euro languages not shown on English keyboard...
...Portuguese, Spanish and Swedish. With this program ...correct language characters. These characters are...
ProLingo English Swedish Dictionary
ProLingo English Swedish Dictionary is an application that contains most of available...
ProLingo English Swedish Dictionary is an ...contains most of available Swedish words. It is great...

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